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So, there is 4 moves that (possible) did not learn by any Pokemons. Is it event move or something? What the Possibly Pokemon that able to learn it?
Here's the moves:
-Light of Ruin-Fairy-Special (Drawing power from the Eternal Flower, the user fires a powerful beam of light. This also damages the user quite a lot.): Possibly learn by Floette in Lv. 50 (Based on information)
-Thousand Arrows-Ground-Physical (This move also hits opposing Pokémon that are in the air. Those Pokémon are knocked down to the ground.)
-Thousand Waves-Ground-Physical (The user attacks with a wave that crawls along the ground. Those hit can't flee from battle.)
-Hold Hands (Ally Pokémon hold hands. This makes them very happy.)

Please give any information you know about all of this and any exclusive-event-move. I'm all curious!

I could give an answer on ''Light OF Ruin'' moveset but as for the rest they are rumoured and un-released. >_<

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I don't know about hold hands, but here's thousand arrows and thousand waves: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EN7F2a9E0zA
And here's light of ruin, eternal form floettes signature move http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5VjIY3LAJzE hope this helps!

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the new event vivilon has Hold Hands as one of it's move...
i've tried using it in single battle and it always failed. I'm assuming it's a double battle kinda move... edit:
and yup, it's a double battle thing... check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K66gb_O6I4
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Light of Ruin is possibly an unused Move for the Fairy Type. Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves are learned by the two of the three new Mythical Pokémon. Hold Hands might just be a hoax move. That was as much as I know.

Hope I helped!