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In the previous generation not XY obviously.

Well they're just being taken off screen. And Pokemon WOULD fall from exaustion.. I don't think it's really much to wonder.
I'm assuming it was because it was a very simple animation, but everyone understood what it meant. It wouldn't have been necessary to have shown them going back into the poke ball.

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It was just the animations to show fainting. It was simple and never really questioned. People simply assumed it fainted to the ground and was returned into it's Pokeball. Before the XY Gen of Animation-controlled gameplay of epicness (apparently), animations weren't the important part of the game. It's a game about super animals breathing fire and shooting bolts, who cares about realism?

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This is a game where you can get a ****ING DRAGON at 10 years old and you question why they sink into the ground?
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Nothing's wrong with the question btw
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I agree. Some things are obvious, but not to all people. Don't make the person feel bad. Maybe they thought that instead the pokes should cough up blood and die when they faint or something. Besides, we ALL know that Nintendo probably could've done better with those animations. ;)