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I'm looking for a Pokemon I can use for horde EV training. Really all I am looking for is for one that can learn four multi-target moves, and maybe one that can learn Sweet Scent. And no, I don't mean Smeargle.

The reason I am asking this question is that I would like to be able to easily complete Horde EV training without running out of PP, so I can stop relying on Leppa Berries.


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Sweet scent
Razor leaf(muilty target and 25 PP)
If you need to know your hotspots here is a link http://www.serebii.net/games/evs.shtml
Tropius can be caught in safari

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This is what I use for horde Training:
Samurott @Smoke Ball
-Surf (multi-target)
-False Swipe (in case a shiny comes by)

Surf is enough to take out any horde even if it does not-very-effective damage, you dont need 4 multi-target moves (especially if the Samurott is level 100).

I also use a Combee with Sweet Scent and a Talonflame with Fly.

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Just adding, but Ludicolo can learn both Sweet Scent and Surf.
Ludicolo can't learn False Swipe though, which is the main reason i use Samurott (i also use it for other things like Safari shiny hunting and stuff like that.)
Why did people downvote both of our answerd?
not sure why they downvoted.
Well False Swipe is good for catching Pokemon but he wants to EV train.
It still has Surf, False Swipe is only in case you find a shiny and dont want to kill it with Surf
Well if you find a shiny you'd have to kill all the other pokemon and it'd be annoying to kill them with false swipe..
First of all, it's impossible to kill anything with False Swipe because if you use False Swipe on a Pokemon with 1HP, that Pokemon takes no damge.
Second, there are the 2 fillers, which in my case are Waterfall and Strength.
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Well, might as well answer my own question, in case anyone cares about my opinion on this subject (I selected Arcazeus's, though, since it wouldn't be fair if I didn't.)

Bellossom can learn Acid, which deals damage to all adjacent foes and has 30 PP. Here's the set I have.


Item (if you want): Smoke Ball
EVs (if you want): 252 SAtk / 252 HP / 4 Atk

~ Acid
~ Dazzling Gleam
~ Petal Blizzard/Cut
~ Sweet Scent

Some good horde EV training locations