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Ok, I know its kind of dumb, but here it goes...
I went to a Pokemart and bought 50 regular Pokeballs.
It said I got 1 Premier Ball. So the questions are:

  • What items do you get? Is it based off of what you buy, how many, or such?
  • How many items do you have to buy?
  • Does this work on just balls, or does it work on potions and the like as well?

I know there are a few questions in there, but I hope its not too much.
This is just another strange thought in my mind.

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I can explain the free Premier ball.

Since gen 3, when buying 10 or more Pokeballs at once, you will get a free premier ball.
so no, you dont get prizes, this is just a thing in it's own.

Source - this is pretty well known and it is the only way to get Premier balls, iirc. (so experience)

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So I would therefore get a better deal buying 10 at a time, 5 times (Ugh, shopping troubles ^^;).