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What are the advantages and disadvantages and specialitys for the three starters in Black and White?

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Is the second fastest grass type next to Sceptile(not counting Shaymin sky form) and has good defenses with Offenses that are good when boosted. His dream world ability is amazing with leaf storm raising his special attack by two stages(the eqilivant of a nasty plot) every use. It can also sub-seed. Sadly he has like many grass types before him a shallow move pool the best perversity set is Leaf storm, HP(rock), Hyper beam, Twister. and the best physical set is Snake coil, Leaf blade, Iron tail, aerial ace.


Has incredible hp and attack with decent S.attack making for a hard hitter. Has a dream world ability that complaments his moves Head smash, Wild Charge, and Flare blitz. But unfortunatly he has disgusting Defenses that counter his hp and a speed stat that makes Torterra laugh. The best physical set is Flare blitz/Heat stamp, Stone edge, E-quake, Hammer arm. A special set would be Flamethrower, Boiling water, HP(grass), Focus blast.


Has decent stats all around with an goodish movepool. It's dreamworld ability makes critcical hits not work but that isn't that great. It can be a great sweeper. Sadly it's stats are only average it would be great with more speed but it doesn't. Special set Surf, Ice Beam, HP(ground), Grass knot. Physical set Waterfall, X-scizzor/Megahorn, Nightslash, Swords dance.

So for a fast pokemon that can sub seed, Sweep, and defend then use Serperior. If you want a so semi-bulky pokemon with a wide movepool and high offense then use Emboar. if you want a diverse sweeping pokemon with decent stats all around then Samurott is the one. In my opinion Serperior is the best.

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Hmm Ill think about it. Thanks a lot!
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I've beaten the game with Samurott and almost with Emboar. I loved samurott so much! It was an amazing phsical sweeper, with an admant nature plus a "loves to fight" personality! I loved the move shell blade, it was very reliable, I just wished it had more PP.

I didn't actually like Emboar that much. First of all, it learned Arm Thrust at 17, it can't learn a good fighting move till way late in the game, either by remembering hammer arm as emboar, or by teaching brick break (obtainable late in the plot).

I'm working on the game with Snivy. I must say, I love it! It learns leaf blade, one of my favorite grass moves. I'm going with either Snivy or Oshawott, but my friend with whom I battle said she's choosing oshawott, so I'll probably go with Snivy just to have an advantage on her.
Hope this helped!

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screw you EMBOAR IS BOSS!!!
i wipe out water types with emboar's armthrust getting rid of the disadvantage,
he has high attack, high defence, eceptional speed, and an AWESOME move pool!!!i dont know what you've been reading.,but emboar is the strongest and he is the easiest to beat the game with!!