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There are four. Dragonite, Bellossom, Porygon2 and Gengar.
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> Haunter (5'3'') --> Gengar (4'11'')
Porygon (2'7'') --> Porygon2 (2'0'')
Dragonair (13'1'') --> Dragonite (7'3'')
Gloom (2'7'') --> Bellosom (1'4'')

> Alakazam (4'11'') --> Mega-Alakazam (3'11'')
Gengar (4'11'') --> Mega-Gengar (4'7'')
Mewtwo (6'7'') --> Mega MewtwoY (4'11'')

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Some Mega evolutions have gotten smaller as well
Mewtwo goes from 6'7 feet to 4'11 when it mega evolves into mewtwo y
Alakazam goes from 4'11 feet to 3'11 feet when it mega evolves
Gengar goes from 4'11 feet to 4'7 feet when it mega evolves

And it appears that Mega Salamence has gotten a bit smaller as well.
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When Dragonair evolves into Dragonite, it goes from 13'1 feet to 7'3 feet.

>Gloom (2,7") to Bellosom(1,4") is the only one that gets smaller on evolving

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>There are four. Dragonite, Bellossom, Porygon 2 and Gengar.
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Didn't know about Gengar and Porygon2. Thanks Crimson!

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I didn't know if Mega evolving counted or not -.-:
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Dragonair Height 13'01'' ---> Dragonite Height7'03''
Gloom Height 2'07'' ---> Bellossom Height 1'04''
Porygon Height 2'07'' ---> Porygon2 Height 2'00''
Haunter Height 5'03'' --> Gengar Height 4'11''

And Like Quagmire says:

Mewtwo Height 6'07'' ---> 4'11'' when it mega evolves into Mewtwo Y.
Alakazam Height4'11'' ---> 3'11'' when it mega evolves.
Gengar Height 4'11'' ---> 4'07'' when it mega evolves.

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