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Why do people think it's funny because this one guy I traded took off with my 2 legendary Pokemon and never gave them back. He said he's going to keep doing this until he gets the Pokemon he wants.

He thought it was funny to take my Pokemon and I tried asking him to give them back but he never did. He told me he needed them for his dex then he'll give them back but I knew something was fishy about that kid after he gave me his sucky Pokemon for my 2 legendaries. He also wanted my Genesect but I never traded it to him because it's mine not his.

He thinks I gave him my 2 legendaries for free which I didn't.

But why would someone do this to me it's so cruel and mean?

This is the first time this ever happen to me.

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This is allowed.
because some people are heartless douches
he comes to my chat and he says hes sorry js

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Note: I am not defending theft in any way, shape or form, I merely think there are some deeper stuff going on here.

Here's my theory on this.

First of, it is important to note that Pokemon is a collecting game. Gota Catch Em All. Completing the Pokedex, finally having that rare Emolga you've searched for for ages or getting a Shiny Emolga EX card can be immensely satisfying, it is the reason we play the games. Here is my point. Some people don't care how they acquire these goals or can't acquire them by legal means (alternatively is to lazy to get them by normal means). Both are essentially the same thing, and yield the same result.

This is also very easy to perform over the internet, as you won't face any other consequence than that of your own conscience (if you have any). Stealing someone's Venusaur card in real life is a lot more dangerous, as the getting caught could yield actual punishment. The internet, however, grants near perfect anonymity, and since both parties technically have to agree to a trade for it to be performed, the thief can become more inclined to steal.
As I mentioned earlier, catching and having a rare Pokemon can be a awesome feeling. Finally having all your hard work pay off. Some people can get the same or similar feeling from stealing it. To successfully scam someone, to be able to deceive on any level, as well as getting that Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. To be able to take pride in a successful theft can yield the same emotional result as actually working hard for something.

Now, why do people think this is outright funny? Theft is frowned upon in all cultures, and most of us learn that from a very early age that it is both morally, ethically and legally wrong. My theory, is that joking about it, denying it to be theft or making the incident smaller or insignificant is a way to cope with the act itself. I highly doubt the thief outright thinking to itself that it is performing a theft, or that it's thinking "it's just a game, who cares?" By disregarding the victims emotions and bagatellelizing the event, it's becomes easier for the perpetrator to feel good and feel the 'good' effects of the theft.

So the combination of not being able to require the Pokemon by legal means or being too lazy to acquire it, combined with the lack of punishment over the internet as well as the thrill of theft and the option to joke it away lead people to steal, both in general and in Pokemon. Is theft a despicable act? Of course, and I feel for you and anyone else who had their hard work stolen. This is not a defence of thieves, but merely a insight to why theft occurs.

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Tbh, I find it pretty funny. xD

Seriously though, take Wonder Trade for example. Innocent people are giving out amazing Pokemon, but the majority of everyone give out duds. Some people just dont care about what the other person thinks. Of course, people take it to the next level and they trick someone personally. People are just sadists who don't care about the other person. :D

Just be careful with who you trade. If you have never seen the person before, don't trade imo.

>PokemonStealer268: Okay let's start this trade!
>MooMoo8: Yeah! Let's evolve my Shiny Level 437348 and whatever Onix into a Steelix!
>MooMoo8: Wait, why aren't you trading back?
>PokemonStealer268: Trololol
>MooMoo8: :c

^^ I'd find that pretty funny.

Hope I helped. :)

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Indigo, you got a shiny level 437, 348 Steelix stolen from you?
Yep. I got a Magikarp in return, that will kill that person in their sleep when they evolve so YOU KNOW...
I Got A Magikarp