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Look, it's just Pokemon - I admit I'm a crazy fan, and in real life I have people making fun of me.
But WHY do people hack Pokemon? To get good legal Pokemon? Why do you want to hack?
I admit I hack them, but not to scam people, even if I accidentally scam, idk, because my shinies are from giveaways, I do not have my own shiny.
Now can someone tell me WHY would one want to hack Pokemon?

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because people like being cheaters
and they are to lazy to do it the legit way

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Because it's faster and quicker than trying to get it legit.

That is the reason: it's far faster and far easier. Hacked games (like with AR) are easier to complete and allow you to get to the part you like. Hacking Pokemon (like PokEdit) makes is faster and easier to obtain your favourite and beloved Pokemon, or allows you to build WiFi teams much quicker than having to labour out 6 new Pokemon.

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Ikr, but why hack? You can just play like a normal person without caring about these thing but thanks for the answer. Do you mind if I accidentally read your name as **** ? it always Happens :(
The one thing I disagree with the most in pokemon is hacking, I don't get the point, it gives you a pokemon with less effort, but really, and proof is that I haven't traded or battled with anyone because I don't want a bad egg
You know, Ayan said the exact same thing, Qami. Yes, I do mind >.>.

What people tend to do is play the game first legit without cheating, and then hack to get real teams faster. I did the same thing. I didn't trade hacked Pokemon, mind you. People like to trade hacked Pokemon because by getting rid of a disposable one, they can get a legit one back, with saves them the effort.  

Turtwig, PokEdit doesn't give you bad eggs or anything, it just gives you custom Pokemon via WiFi. And AR doesn't give bad eggs unless you breed bad Pokemon. There's normally no way to tell if their clever about the way they do it.

I don't see anything bad with hacking personally, if they want to battle with hacked but legit mons, let them. They're not doing anything really bad. trading can be different, but I'm not sure.
>Graveyard shiz

get relt PX
shiz on thee Graveyard ;p i need to stop. on one forum I saw this person hacking and traidng for legit mons. So wat about that?
its just there are some people who don't know how to play fair. They have no honor and are reckless, Look for shortcuts in-game, look for shortcuts in life. Shortcuts leave you know where in reality.
People usually hack for competitive play, especially before Gen VI when breeding good IV'd Pokemon was not only difficult but also highly tedious.
Then there's hacking for event Pokemon (legendaries etc.) that you can't get otherwise because you don't have access to the event.