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I need experience.
Nuff said.

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Audino - 390 Base Experience Yield

Found in Route 6 (Rustling Bushes) or in a Normal-Type Friend Safari.

Chansey - 395 Base Experience Yield

Found in a Normal-Type Friend Safari.

These two are the only non-legendary Pokemon that have above a Base 300 EXP Yield. Audino is great for this, as it can be found in the wild.


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Scraf forgot all about this, so I'll put this here:

If you use a Black Writ of Challenge in the Battle Chateau, and if you fight the Furisode Girls there, they will have 2(if marchioness) audinos level 55, or 3(if duchess) audinos level 65. Just imagine having your Pokemon from a trade holding the lucky egg and having Exp. Power Level 3 on. That's a lot of experience points!

Wow I never Knew Egg Mcmuffins gave out soooo much Experience
Also add that Pokemon amie gives you an XP boost as well.