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enter image description here
^ He has them here

enter image description here
^ Here he doesn't


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Just found out something about this

It appears that when Mega Sharpedo uses a certain kind of attack the things on its snout sprout out and then retract when the animation ends

Just wanted to put that out there

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this is indeed correct! thanks for mentioning this:

However, unlike what the official site wants you to believe (mentioning M-Sharpedo's Strong Jaw ability) the move that makes these "horns" appear is NOT Crunch, but the head-on attack part of Skull Bash. I clearly saw the horns protract then retract while he was using the move :)

Still not sure whether genders are concerned here though.
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It's referencing a breed of sharks:

This thing is so badass.
It's called the Sawfish and as you can see, it's pretty badass.

As for why the official artwork has those blades and the in-game sprite doesnt, only Game Freak can answer that but they most likely just messed something up, or the in-game image is from an incomplete version of the game.

Gender differences…?
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Another possibility is that the males have the blades on their noses and females dont, or vice versa.

Or it might be pretty hard to put in those horns in an in-game image model, I don't know it seems pretty hard and would likely turn out pretty messy if they did.
Then why would they have it on the official artwork?
Gender differences…?
That is... actually pretty plausible! Thanks Qwerty.
I don't know, at different angles it might look messy.  xD
Gender differences would make sense though.