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I still play Gen 4 competitive battles with my buddies, and one of them runs Curse on his Snorlax (which works quite well).

I can't decide between Curse and Belly Drum for my Snorlax.
If I went with Belly Drum, I would want to use Defense curl as well, but that takes up another slot. :/
However, unlike Curse, I would only have to use Belly Drum once and.......well yeah. :)

So pretty much so far I would use one of the following
IV bred for HP, of course.
Curse set:
Snorlax @ Leftovers
EVs: 252HP, 130 Def, 130 Atk
- Earthquake
- Body Slam
- Rest
- Curse

Belly Drum set:
Snorlax @ Lum berry/Chesto berry
- Earthquake
- Body slam
- Belly drum
- Defense curl/Rest

I would use Lum or Chesto berry in case I use Rest.

I would appreciate some feed back thanks.

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Snorlax should have curse definitely, it's speed doesn't matter because he's slow already and can take a hit easily and either have a sitrus berry while knowing recycle or leftovers to make him a bigger pain to deal with for your opponent.
From what I saw, Snorlax only have 1 recovery move.. Rest and it can learn Sleep talk.

Now I'm going to give 2 to movesets with Belly Drum and Curse..

Belly Drum

Snorlax @Sitrus Berry
Ability - Thick Fat
Impish Nature (+Def -SAtk)
EVs - 252 HP / 128 Def / 128 Sp.Def
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Belly Drum
- Body Slam / Crunch


Snorlax @Leftovers / Sitrus Berry
Ability - Thick Fat
Impish Nature (+Def -SAtk)
EVs - 252 HP / 128 Atk / 128 Def
- Curse
- Crunch
- Body Slam
- Earthquake / Recycle

Hope this helps.

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Thanks man, I will more that likely do curse because belly drum is more of a gamble, I like your suggested move sets though, but I would honestly prefer coverage with a move like earthquake over sleep talk for the main reason: "Snorlax used sleep talk....Snorlax used rest" :/ hahah ive seen this too much man XD but great suggestions man.
+1 for that photo.
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I think curse is the more viable option for snorlax due to it's already low speed, in addition unless the Pokemon has a good speed stat or a priority move, belly drum should be forgone for a different setup move if the Pokemon has aaccess to one. Another reason to choose curse is because it increases the lackluster defense stat of snorlax.

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