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I was battling in the Battle Maison and I have no idea of how I went second?
My team was a Greninja, Talonflame and Mega-Kangaskhan. I sent out Talonflame first and they sent out Bastiodon.
I switched out to Greninja and Bastiodon used Stone Edge, which missed.
Then, I used Surf with Greninja and Bastiodon went first using Thunder and KO'd me.,

How did this happen? My Greninja has 31 IVs in Speed and 252 EVs in Speed. I know the Bastiodon didn't have a Choice Scarf, and even if it did, it shouldn't have been faster than me. There was no Trick Room or Sticky Web in play. Is there something I may be missing?


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Maybe battle maison hax, trying to make you lose
Were they both of the same level?
I don't have XY, but while I was searching for a cause, I thinked about the level differences. I went to check to youtube and them all were level 50. Aren't all the pokémons there level 50?
Yea they are all lv 50 in Battle maison.
Ok. [Filler]
All pokemon that are above 50 are set to 50, those that aren't retain they're levels. That's why I asked

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All causes that I thinked and may outspeed you Greninja are here, however with your details, none of them works:

Bastiodon don't have abilities that boosts the speed.
Thunder don't have priority.
The use of 2 different moves by Bastiodon shows that it's not Choice Scarf.
It can't use Trick Room, Sticky Web and Tailwind.
As you say, your Greninja wasn't holding a Iron Ball/Lagging Tail.
You say that Bastiodon had Leftovers and that shows the not using of Quick Claw.

I found a possible cause that can explain why Bastiodon outspeed your Greninja.

I found that some Battle Maison's pokémons HAVE MORE THAN 5 MOVES AND 2 ITEMS!
I asked here, and it's pretty possible that Bastiodon should have Quick Claw and Leftovers!
There isn't another explanation that I know.

Also check this.
Hope this helps.

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Nope.  There was only 2 turns in the battle.  So no for both tailwind, sticky web or trick room.  I'm 110% sure that I wasn't holding a iron ball or lagging tail (who would put that on greninja lol).  It wasn't quick claw either because it had leftovers that it used later in the battle.  

So basicly no...it's none of these things (I had a 174 win streak too :/)
I can't find much more, but I will investigate.
well that sucks.  Need to remember that for the future.  Stupid GF!!! They cheat and get 2 items AND they get their "1/10" ratio to happen more like 9/10 of the time XD Well it makes it a little more interesting.  (I know that for quick claw that it shows if it goes first but I could have missed that as I wasn't paying 100% attention to my game :P)
I'm gonna answer about what happened here on your question :P
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Either he leveled up his Bastidon's speed pretty high, or it may have been Quick Claw.

Hope it helped.

Its impossible for it to outspeed a greninja even max speed and the item is leftover.
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Based on the information given, the only conclusion I can get is:
that the Bastiodon must have been holding a Quick Claw.

Even IF it was using a Choice Scarf(which we know it wasn't) it would nowhere be as fast as Greninja.

Greninja's Max Speed: 377
Bastiodon's Max Speed: 174

''It wasn't quick claw either because it had leftovers that it used later in the battle.''