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There is none. I'm sorry, there just isn't a "best" for every single thing in the game as you seem to believe based on all the questions you're posting. Each Pokemon may be incredibly helpful on one team, but redundant on another. Some are better than others, yes, but I'd be wrong to choose one and say its the best.

We can use base stats as a rough indication of how powerful a Pokemon is though; it that's what you meant, then as of X and Y, Mega Garchomp and Mega Tyranitar have the highest base stat totals of all Pokemon at 700. Exclusing Megas though, this goes to Slaking, with 670. However, Slaking is a prime example of how base stats aren't 100% reliable; Slaking is a horrible Pokemon due to its ability Truant, which ranks it among some of the worst Pokemon.


My friend use entertainment with an Audino in doubles and problem solved! :D
slaking is not an horible pokemomn
@Secret: OK but we're talking about singles I think.
@Josh: Prove that to me please? Truant means it has to do nothing every second turn. This means you can set up on it during that turn, you could kill Slaking on that turn, you could do basically anything you want on that turn. Its ability basically forces it to switch out every second turn, or your opponent has a free turn to do whatever they like. Ask any competitive player, and they'll tell you how bad of a Pokemon it is.
It's not horrible, it's stats are godly. But it's pretty bad.
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It would depend on what you mean by 'Powerful.'

If you mean highest base stats then: Slaking (670 total base stat)

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