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Does the father you breed with the mother kangaskhan just breed two babies, one with a lack of growth or does the mothers daughter somehow make one herself? If this makes no sense please tell me.

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There is no father. The mother forgot to take birth control pills

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I found just one explanation to that.

The father has to be of a different species altogether.

There's no way there can be a baby Pokemon without two parents. But in Pokemon, breeding doesn't happen just between species, but rather, between same egg groups. Which means any Pokemon with the Monster egg group can breed with the Kangaskhan and then you know the rest.

Hope I helped!

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Damn my logical mind. That thought actually passed through my head, but for some reason I forgot it.
They all breed with me. o3o
Sometimes i think cubone and kangaskhan are related
Naw I'm the better groom ;c
I also happen to be the lord of the rings, I'm sure Khan will not take some skymin :0

/me fleez
Weavile imo. Weavile can breed with whoever she damn well wants too, and no Pokemon can say no.