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I was watching [this][1] and because i'm dumb I watched the video and did exactly what he did as he did. He told me to change the Pokemon backup (I think) file to a .txt file so I did, and I put my SD back into my DS. So later he say's in the video ''never leave the file as a .txt file, always put it back with .bin format BEFORE you put it in your DS'' O my god what did I do. by the way I backed up the original file as said and replaced the old one as I was told to in the video (It was a .bin file).

What did I do to my game?
(If possible) Has this any negative effects on my 3ds?

If this is banned fine but I don't think I broke any rules.

Edit: Ok guys just to let you know my game works perfectly, no errors whatsoever that I have seen so far. If your going to answer this give the effect AND a reason ''you just f** your game'' is terrible, seriously. HOW did I apparently F my game and why?
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sau6iqSsEE

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Well obviously you've glitched it up.
I don't know what you've done... How far are you in the game and do you have any events because you MAY need to delete your file, hopefully not though, and hopefully you haven't destroyed your actual game... I doubt it though
No stress though...
I have events but none after the experiment
Sorry I can't answer this, I have no idea about this
And If anyone saw my edit before this edit I didn't write the F word. It auto corrected me when I posted it

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What you did was tamper with the save, now it's a time bomb. It could be legit forever and stay there peacefully until you start a new game, or it has a chance to go off and... I don't actually know what happens, possibly nothing. If this were me (and this might not be what you would do), I would send all of my valuables to a friend for safe keeping. This shouldn't set off the file as long as you let it force save and don't interact with anything hacked. Now you have a boxful of meh Pokemon. Let them sit there, anything you'd be worried about losing is already gone. If you still have a copy of the Pokemon you were cloning, don't interact with it. The genuine mewtwo, or whatever you were cloning, is also safely tucked away. At this point, you can start a new save file, or not. Doesn't matter. Everything you care about is safely tucked away.

Time bomb!? How why??? Please keep in mind that I REPLACED THE NEW .TXT FILE WITH THE OLD UN-TAPERED FILE. I asked for HOW as well. I've given you a chance to respond. flagged.