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What happens to the Friend Safari if you have 2 copies of XY but only one 3/2ds?
Also, would the Friend Safari be the Same for both versions seeing as the FC is the same?
And could you access your Ys Friend Safari from X and vice-versa?

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Friend codes are based on your 3DS, not your games.
Each Friend Code has a designated Pokémon type and specific Pokémon that will be obtainable in its Friend Safari, and these will not change, so the Friend Code determines the Friend Safari type.
Since you asked with 1 3DS/2DS, the games will have both FC and Friend Safari.

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Yes but are Friend Safaris based on your game or your FC? I think that's what they're asking.
What about accessing it vice versa ?
I don't think you can do it because both have same FC, so it's the same as you add your FC to your own game and that's impossible.
i can't get my friends to show up in my x version.  got them on y but nothing on x