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Is this true? I heard about this and it totally creeped me out for a second because when I was 7 I had an illegal FR cartridge and I didn't know..

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"By the way, if you like this game, buy it or die."

A very scaring message, talked by a fisherman at FireRed ROM..

Bulbapedia says that this text appears when using the Seagallop Ferry in a ROM of FireRed. However, I played through my ROM until I activated the Seagallop Ferry, and the guy doesn't say anything unusual when I try to ride. Besides, it seems very unlikely that a message like that would appear in a Pokémon game. Bulbapedia also talks about a hacker entering the ROM and put that message there.

Me and Andrea did some comparing. His Fire Red 1.0 didn't have it, and mine did. The original Auroraticket message is at 0x17FC5F, but is repointed, copied and expanded at 0x71A23D, which is the start of a large block of free space, leaving the original unused. This is why Hfc2x couldn't find anything but empty space. The "Buy it or Die" ROMs are technically just quick and easy hacks. Still, it's fairly innocious and the guy does say having an Auroraticket is rare. I think the word "some" would be appropriate. --Kyoufu Kawa 17:25, 30 June 2009 (UTC).

If you see that message, the characther that is talking name is ''By the way'' and that's not a name..

So, this message don't show at the main FireRed, it appears at a ROM of FireRed and some hacker put that message there due a free space at the message.

Source - Bulbapedia
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Yes, this is true, if you have an illegal game, and you try to ride the boat to the Sevii Islands, the guy who checks if you have the ticket asks "Do you like the game? If you do, buy it or die."