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I know I posted a set for it but seems EXTREMELY frail.
Why do so many people use it?

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Yes, it's a fantastic Pokemon. Not as broken as Mega Salamence, but still a very threatening Pokemon. It may be frail, but it has everything it needs to be a threat in OU. If you play ORAS OU on Showdown you'll see plenty of people using it.

  • It has a fantastic ability in Adaptability, which makes STAB 2x instead of 1.5x. So it's essentially a Choice Band boost for its STAB moves. Stack that on top of its insane attack stat, and you have a real offensive threat.
  • It is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. It reaches a peak of about 420 Speed, which places it above popular OU threats such as Greninja and the Lati twins. This allows it to function as a revenge killer as it moves before basically the entire unboosted metagame.
  • Access to a good set of moves, including U-Turn, which allows it to deal damage and get out. It also gets Drill Run, which handles lots of Steel-type switch-ins, particularly Heatran who otherwise walls it completely.

Even though it's frail and weak to Stealth Rock, Mega Beedrill is a very effective late-game cleaner. Once all the broken Megas are out of the tier, Mega Beedrill will stand out as one of the better Megas in OU.

Smogon analysis and movesets

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A few Reasons

  1. Adaptability- This ability DOUBLES the power of your same type moves, that means that attack's like pin missile have 50BP + the fact that it hits 2-5 times in a row (100BP - 250BP)

  2. It's Attack and speed are huge and it has sweeping potential.

  3. Large Movepool- Bug, Dark, Fighting, Grass, Poison, and Normal type attacks.

  4. It is more than capable of dealing with those pesky spD fairy's.