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Okay, I started using an Adamant Mega Beedrill with 31 IV in both Attack and Speed, and 252 Attack and 252 Speed. I run Protect the first turn so my Beedrill's base 75 Speed won't matter. Now, I battled a friend several times, and his Modest Greninja with 252 Speed EVs and Life Orb (base Speed 122) and Adamant Mega Kangaskhan with 252 Speed EVs (base Speed 100) as well was able to outspeed my Mega Beedrill even after the first turn. How can that be? Obviously there're no Scarfs, or Quick Claw or anything; no Tailwind or no one Baton Passed Agility to them. Yet they outsped my 145 Speed, fully invested. Hoooooow? :(

Did they use Fake Out, Sucker Punch, or Shadow Sneak?
No, Greninja used Ice Beam , and Mega Khan used Return. I was so baffled that it happened twice. I was pretty sure my Beedrill was at the best speed it can, and should be outspeeding the unboosted metagame, but this happened.
Sticky Web, maybe?
Are you sure they were the same level as your Mega Beedrill?
Did you play on Showdown or in the game? Both offer ways to save battle replays; would you have one by any chance?
It would also help if you could give mention of your Beedrill's actual Speed stat so that we can verify that it does have the high stats to outspeed those Pokemon.
Okay, I checked again and I found out that I don't have 31 IVs in Speed. Still though, can a Mega Khan still outspeed me, given that it's an Adamant one?

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You have said there was no Tailwind, and that you used Protect.

  • Did you forget to use Protect?

  • Was Tailwind put up and you didn't notice?

  • Had your Beedrills speed been decreased from Sticky Web?

  • Are you sure on the EVs?

  • Are you sure they didn't receive a boost from Baton Pass?

These are the only scenarios I can think of, as max Speed Beedrill will always outspeed the Pokemon you mentioned. Do you have access to the battle video? That would help a lot.

Hope I helped