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Generation I has 'M (Red and Blue), $ (Yellow), g g (Yellow) and Missingno. (Red, Blue and Yellow).

Generation II has ??? (five question marks).

Generation III has ??? (ten question marks).

Generation IV has -----

Generation V has ? and -----

What is the #000 Glitch Pokémon in the Generation VI games?

Please include a verified source as proof of its existence and an image/video if available.

DO NOT post this page as a source for your answer, although the title says "List of glitches in Generation VI", it does not list Glitch Pokémon, as Bulbapedia has a separate list for Glitch Pokemon, which can be seen here. In addition don't post this page as a source for your answer (unless the page has been updated to contain information on Generation VI.)

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Actually, Pokémon are listed #000, #001 etc.
yeah dan as you may have guessed, I found Sempi before you replied and he did it for you.
As of the moment Gen VI doesn't have a glitched #000 Pokemon. But maybe when ORAS are released tomorrow there could be a possibility of a glitched #000 Pokemon hidden in the games code deep inside its storage. There could be one in X and Y but it may not have been discovered yet as of the present moment.
Ok i'm gonna settle this argument here and now. the #000 Pokemon can be victini or a glitch Pokemon. Bulbapedia said so (sorry I don't have a link)
The games can have more than one #000 Pokémon, for instance Pokémon Yellow has three ($, g g and Missingno.).

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If this answer is unsatisfactory, please tell me and I'll hide it. You just haven't made it very clear what you want in your answer, a lot of the converted posts answer your question yet you want them removed anyway. My answer is the same as the ones you've had removed:

Generation 6 does not have a #000 glitch Pokemon.

The first thing I want to mention is that glitches do not happen in a pattern. This question seems to assume that Gen 6 has a #000 glitch Pokemon just because every other generation does, which is a silly assumption as glitches are unintentional and any pattern is coincidental. Gen 6 is also much stronger and professionally made compared to many of the other Pokemon games, making it less likely that a glitch Pokemon will be present.

Clear proof of this can be seen on this Bulbapedia page; it lists all the Pokemon with the PokeDex number or hexadecimal identifier of 000 (glitch or no glitch). One quick look at the page shows that there is no Pokemon with 000 in Gen 6:

>By regional Pokédex number, 000 may refer to:

>- Missingno., a glitch Pokémon in Generation I whose Pokédex number is 0
- 'M, a glitch Pokémon in Generation I whose Pokédex number is 0
- $, a glitch Pokémon in Generation I whose Pokédex number is 0
- g g, a glitch Pokémon in Generation I whose Pokédex number is 0
- ???, a glitch Pokémon in Generation II whose National Pokédex number is 0
- ???, a glitch Pokémon in Generation III whose National Pokédex number is 0
- -----, a glitch Pokémon in Generation IV whose National Pokédex number is 0
- Victini, the first legitimate Pokémon with this number, in the Unova Pokédex

While it's possible that we are not aware of a glitch Pokemon with that number, it's still highly unlikely. X and Y have been around for over a year, and they have over 12 million players who could all find a glitch Pokemon with 000, but they haven't. It's true that Gen 6 is hard to hack, but it has been hacked before (e.g. Smealum who revealed Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion and Project Pokemon who datamined the OR/AS demos). So I doubt that a #000 glitch does exist, because we most likely would have found it by now.

As mentioned by someone in the comments, OR/AS having a glitch Pokemon with #000 is a possibility, but even that is still unlikely. The OR/AS demos are modified versions of Alpha Sapphire that still contain most of the info from the full games (hence how everything here was discovered), so any glitch Pokemon is likely to have been found in their code when they were datamined.

Also, Hoopa and Volcanion are not #000, in case anyone is wondering this. They are already confirmed to be #720 and #721 respectively.

Bottom line is that there is no #000 glitch Pokemon, or none have been found yet. This is honestly the best answer I could find, and probably the best one you're going to get, sorry. :/

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The main reason why the other answers were converted was because they didn't have valid proof that a Gen VI Pokémon doesn't exist and were just speculating that there isn't one based on Bulbapedia having no information. Having no information doesn't necessarily certify that there are no glitch Pokémon, as Bulbpedia may not know the answer themselves or simply haven't updated the page. In the decision page on one of the links above on Bulbapedia, a members says that if there was a glitch Pokémon in Gen VI, since very few can actually verify it, it wouldn't be reliable enough for the Wiki.

However I do agree with what you're saying (that glitches found in the games are unintentional and that we are assuming that there is a glitch Pokémon in Gen VI, because there has been one or more in the past five generations). Quite frankly I don't see how we are going to get any better of an answer than this.
Bulbapedia doesn't usually say things like "there is no glitch Pokemon in Gen 6 with #000", so the possibility that there simply isn't one is still there. If it doesn't exist, they don't say so, they just say nothing about it, like how they don't have pages for Hoopa and Volcanion (since they are unconfirmed). It's possible that they don't know, but as I mentioned in the answer, I don't think that's the case.
But yeah, If there is one, then this is still the best possible answer until its existence is proven. So if he doesn't accept this I have absolutely no idea what he wants.
He might as well accept it because I seriously doubt were going to get anything better and if information does come out at a later time, you can always edit your answer. Also I've noticed that there's no heading at the top of the page saying "this article is incomplete". I honestly think that they haven't updated it since Gen V, as surely even if there wasn't any glitch Pokémon they still would of said "There are no glitch Pokémon in this Generation".
A couple of things:
1. I did not want the answers removed, I was neutral in that respect but others thought it was not good enough and they had good arguments.
2. I probably should have said this in the first place but there IS in fact a way to answer this, I just lack the ability to try it myself. To summon the #000 Pokemon (or not) one must have an AR and type the code for generating Pokemon yet change it to generate a non existent Pokemon. If this works a gen 6 #000 Pokemon does exist, If not it doesn't. I cannot guarantee the safety of the game if this is performed though...

Any volunteers?
And also the reason they were converted was because they answered upon assumption just like you did but i'm not going to keep rejecting the same answers, congrats. :D