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I'm playing Alpha Sapprhire and...... He's just gone.
I went to buy more PokeBalls just in case, and when I returnedr to the Cave of Origins, Kyogre was just gone.
I can't advance, because I can't battle the gym leader in Sootopolis, and the NPCs aren't changing their dialogue. They're all still standing outside.
I went back to the Underwater Cavern, and it wasn't there either. Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do!? Any ideas?
Please help me D:

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Did you use an Escape Rope to go and buy some more Poke Ball's?
Quite the predicament you've got there

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Just go to another route in the cave of origin and kyogre should be there, however, if you used an escape rope, theres no going back, you'll have to restart if you did.