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Please put a moveset (i do NOT want pansage)

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Serperior the Grass Type STarter is Great.
Coil: :)
Leaf Blade :)
Leech Seed/Aerial Ace/Return/Dragon Tail
Leech Seed/Aerial Ace/Return/Dragon Tail

If you want a Different Starter, try Leavanny:
Swords Dance
Leaf Blade
Aerial Ace

Leavanny is not a good choice because its vulnerable to fire and flying 4 X damage and leavanny has many weaknesses.
Serperior is great but it has a pretty low attack .
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So, we've come to suggesting a Bug/Grass type now have we? I would expect that from Will, but you Swampert? WHY? Are you forgetting that there is a really awesome Grass/Normal type called Sawsbuck?

You'll probably want one with the ability Sap Sipper, as 95 base speed is enough for ingame purposes. And Grass types are a fairly common type. Sawsbuck is great ingame because of all the type coverage it has. Jump Kick, Horn Leech, Wild Charge, and Double-Edge/Return. A perfect ingame Pokemon. Although if you need a Grass type early on and this is for ingame Leavanny might work. I'd know best if I had the game.

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My opinion is Ferrothorn. Great moves and high defense stat makes for a great Pokemon.
Flash Cannon
Power Whip

Not Flash Cannon.
You'll know that if you take even one look at its stats.
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Well as sawsbuck has been suggested

I Recommend whimsicott


-cotton guard
-sleep powder
-leech seed

prankster is awesome and they are so cute.

How do you plan to faint a pokemon in battle with that Whimsicott above?
Ahaha. xD

I would replace Encore and Cotton Guard with Psychic/Facade/Shadow Ball.
Leech seed and watch them getting withered away.

they are absolutely annoying.
This is great for competititve, but would you really want to wait so long to take down a Wild Pokemon?