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There is NO reason Pikachu should be Fairy egg group!!!

They over advertise Pikachu. People love Pikachu for it's over advertising. But this?! FAIRY EGG GROUP? I've snapped. Please explain WHY he is in Fairy egg group! He only learns 3 fairy moves 2 OF WHICH ARE STATUS! Did Gamefreak just do this because Pikachu is Pikachu?

Answer: Gardevoir isn't in the human-shape egg group despite it's gen 6 sprite now full-filling all the requirements for Human-shape.  Despite this Game Freak still hasn't changed it's egg group for.... safety reasons. So yea, Game Freak BS :D!

JK, this ain't the answer XD

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>Fairy Pokémon are mostly cute Pokémon, or majestic in their appearance.
~ PokemonDB

As you can see, the Fairy egg group is for cute or regal Pokémon, not just Fairy-types. Pikachu is – although this is a matter of opinion – generally considered a "cute" Pokémon, and therefore deserves its spot in the Fairy egg group. Also note that the Fairy egg group was created long before the Fairy type. There are some Pokémon in that group that learn zero Fairy moves, such as Breloom and Glalie.

And anyway, what's not to love?

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