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Pokemon like Gulpin, Cyndiquil, Skitty, and Simipour all have their eyes closed. Also I will accept an answer about why Brock has his eyes closed.


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Only Game Freak knows the answer to that. However, I will try to explain the examples you have listed with logic!

Gulpin – Gulpin is fat and lazy, and therefore his eyes are shut. Same with Snorlax.

Cyndaquil – Cyndaquil is supposed to resemble a cute little mouse, so his eyes are done in a 'cute' fashion.

Skitty – Same as Cyndaquil, except she's a kitten.

Simipour – Doesn't he just look like the embodiment of happiness? Simipour/Panpour's eyes are closed because they are squeezing them shut out of sheer joy.

Brock – This has stumped literally everyone for years. Nobody knows that one.

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Maybe Brock has evolved past the point where he needs to see. In one episode didn't he say that he saw a beautiful lady and Misty said something like, how can you see? your eyes are closed, and Brock said I can sense that she's beautiful.
Thanks too!
I think these Pokemon are merely squinting. Also, Brock has had his eyes open in ONE episode ONLY.  Google it. It is there.
It is possible! Holy llama pants!
Simipour is based on that monkey that always has it's eyes closed.
See no evil.