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can you get a hm back if you sold it

Is it really possible to sell an HM?
Well you cant sell Hm if you did than it probily was a glitch and you wont get it back. If it was a Tm you can get it back. this link might help http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/222287/what-is-the-location-of-all-tms-hms-in-oras?show=222287#q222287
He's talking about the original Ruby.
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But as far as I know you can't sell hm's?
The event of getting a HM is a one time event. It can not be done again. So assuming that you DID somehow sell a HM, you would be unable to get another. Unless you hack the game badly, I am assuming you don't do that.

Have fun with getting through Omega Ruby without HM's :D

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He could trade a Pokemon HM Slave as well