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Yes... I know these kind of threads/questions have been asked before, but not directly answering this question.

I've been getting into Free Battles lately on the battle spot, and I've noticed a lot of people using darkrai with his OP ability and dark void, ect. ect.

So I powersaved my own darkrai (Shiny, of course :D) and decided to give them I taste of their own medicine. So I powersaved this darkrai, I didnt give him perfect IV's or EV's just because I knew that the hacker checker checks that.

Now I've put him in my team, got him to lv 100, and now whenever I try using him in free battles it comes up with "There is a problem with your participating Pokemon". I know its darkrai's fault because when I use the rest of my team without him it works fine.

The weird thing is though I've seen many other people using shiny darkrai's , and no doubt some of them have been made from powersave, so how do I fix this, and whats gone wrong?!

Here's my darkrai: http://gyazo.com/458e88505c1491b2aa92fd058b5a1b51

Powersaves aren't what they are using most of the time, gimmie a sec and I'll get my how to hack properly guide

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I'll put it through my safe hack check, if something is wrong then it will not be accepted as legal by Pokemon rules:

Legal Moves: Yes
Legal Name: Yes
Legal EV's: If someone hacked it badly and it's EV total is over 510, it is illegal. Check super training to see EV's.
Legal Ability: Yes
Level caught at:
Place Caught at:
Item: If versing x or y must not have items introduced in oras such as red orb or blue orb
Did you use an AR?: If yes that's probably the problem if no, continue the list. If traded assume yes.
Does it have a pentagon?: If it is from kalos it should have a blue pentagon in it's "Status" bar (it shows shiny status and pokerus status)
Is your event Pokemon not in an event ball?:

Hope the check-list helps!

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See the last one
Okay, lemme take another picture
No need anymore
What do you mean?

Thanks to B-Frog, and the help of my trusty brain, I figured that all I needed to do was powersave the japanese event in which a darkrai was released (Which is legal, and in an event ball)

I then used powersave to turn it shiny, and used the move reminder to get it to remember nightmare.

Special thanks to Bullfrog to helped me out here and helped me realise that effectively it would have to be an event Pokemon! :D
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