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I was asked to trade by someone on the PSS, I accepted, a short time after he had sowed (showed? shown?) me some of his Pokemon I saw a Hoopa! I din't know if it matters, but it was in a Cherish Ball and was Lv.10.

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Hacks my friend.

Hoopa is not even released yet so clearly this person was a hacker.


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Also, why can't poeple just wait for the event...
Np :)
I know right? There will always be people who just think they're better than everyone else by showing off their hacks on trade. Eventually everyone will have a Hoopa and there will be no point.
I personally have a Hoopa (I hacked it) and its just for the fun.

You cant use it in battles or anything so honestly its just so I can show off. Its bad that you are annoyed but you just have to accept that some people want to have a Hoopa or a Volcanion or whatever and so they cheat to get it. If you want one yourself its pretty easy to just get a powersave off amazon or something, but honestly you shouldnt be annoyed about people with Hoopa's just because they want one early.

That like someone offering you a sweet that hasnt been released in the shop yet, but you get to try it early, sure you can wait till everyones tasted it, or you can taste the sweet before everyone and BRAG ABOUT IT :D

But its personal opinion I guess.

(PS: Also, it being lv10 would make sense beacuse when you cheat in pokemon they come at lv10 with one move (hidden power), so yes, it was DEFINITELY hacked)
I just don't see why people can wait until the event comes out? What's so great about showing off if it's hacked?
I'm okay with people showing off if they legitimately got a legendary or shiny but not with cheats.
Yes, I understand this, but whats the problem? It doesnt effect you in any way, if we didnt have our Hoopa, then you go on with regular life. I have my Hoopa, and you're going on with regular life. Seriously, again, look at my analogy above.

Its like asking someone if they wanted a new brand of sweets. These sweets are coming out next year, but if you pay then you can get the sweets early. Do you get the sweets early, or wait till everyones got the sweets? Personally I want the sweets early, **because either way Im getting sweets, Im just getting them earlier.**
It's not like I have a serious problem with it, I have a friend that uses cheats. It's just that buying cheats to get Hoopa early is a waste as you're clearly not going to trade it with anyone and everyone will have it in a couple of months.