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Delphox or Chandelure?

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I want a fire type on my team, and I like the psychics and ghosts. But I'm wondering: which is better for my team? My team is: mega khangaskhan, vaporeon, florges, golurk, and roserade. I know delphox has overall higher stats, chandelure has better sp atck and defense. Little help along with movesets please?

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2 Answers

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Chandelure@ what ever you feel like, it's in game
ability: flame body
evs: 252 sp atk; 252 spd; 4 sp def
-fire blast
-shadow ball
-energy ball

Hope I Helped

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I usually go with delphox for this moveset:

Delphox w/leftovers


-Shadow ball
-Solar Beam(for oras, you can have dazzling gleam)

Delphox would be better because you have golurk on your team. Since you appear to have x or y, solar beam is good coverage against rock, water, and ground weakness. Shadow ball covers ghost weakness, flamethrower is STAB, and psychic is STAB.

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