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I recently received a JPN Shiny Shaymin on a trade and I would like to know if it's legit or fake. The Shiny Shaymin's OT is PC, the ID no is 58792. Its ability is Natural Cure. Its says it nature is Timid. "A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach the Kalos region from the Unova region" and its characteristic is Capable of taking hits. The Shiny Shaymin have a Classic Ribbon

I'm not going to answer as I'm not 100% sure but there was a Shaymin event in Japan during 2011 with the OT "PC" however the ID differs to what yours is (12191) and it was a non-shiny. That's not to say it couldn't have been shiny however. I don't believe you can get shiny event Pokemon (that aren't caught in game) by soft resetting though I may be wrong. The nature and personality wasn't set.

My guess is that it isn't legit, I may be wrong but I would need a few more details. Through Pokegen, it is possible to create legit event Pokemon by using the event information. What arises my suspicions is the timid nature and the fact it's shiny. Timid nature is pretty beneficial to the Pokemon and is what most Shaymin ran during gen 5 (probably still do so). I'd check its stats, see whether it has full investment and good (likely perfect ivs). If that be the case, its extremely likely its fake. As for the fact it's shiny, I'm not even sure that's possible sooo

Anyway, hope this helps a bit.

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Fake or Manipulated

The description states
"A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach the Kalos region from the Unova region".
Now, there was a Shiny Shaymin Event starting from the 19th of December 2011 to 5th January 2011. This is the Shaymin :

enter image description here

The only matching correct detail is the OT ''PC'' and travelling across from Unova.


As Blobyolo mentioned in the commens above, the Pokémon could've been genned carefully, thus avoiding the 'Hack' Censor. He also mentioned the Shininess and the Event you receive was not a Shiny Shaymin

You said that it was traded and if it was Wondertrade or GTS it literally has FAKE plastered onto it . Event Pokémon cannot be trade on GTS or WT.

Also, during the time of BW ,before WiFi shut down, there were very simple genning programs which you used on your phone. You just build the Pokémon like you would on Showdown ! and it would just arrive at your doorstep via GTS

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i'm fairly certain that it is not legit. according to THIS there has only been one Shaymin with the OT of PC and the ID# you listed does not match the one listed for the event.