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No hidden power please

Quiver dance(jaw-dropping power)
Bug buzz

fire dance is useless with Q-dance


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It actually isn't useless, as with Fire Dance you can attack after using Quiver Dance once and still raise your Special Attack. Volcarona doesn't have the typing to get away with using two Quiver Dances. I'd replace Flamethrower with it. If you can, try for a good Hidden Power like Electric, Ground, Fighting, Ice, Grass. If not possible, I'd use Hurricane.

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HP Grass is useful
Knew I was forgetting an HP.
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Remove flamethrower and add heat wave because it has higher power .
And hurricane is amazing so you gotta add that .
Bit if you have a nice flying pokemon then why not psychic .
Add the moves in relation to your other team members. Depending on what type you lack in add that type of move .
Hope I helped .

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Because of amazing Sp attack, you can consider HP of some sort, I would say either Ground or Fighting because of coverage for Rock types.

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Hmmm I would say...
1 hurricane...awesome power!
2 Psychic...another awesome move

but I would go with heat wave for him because it hits multiple oponents and its stronger than flamethrower.