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Seeing that follow me allows the user to be the only target, it might not be so great an absol. The reason is absol doesn't have much defense. Absol is great in attack, but your looking at a high probability of suicide to give him that move. The only way I could see this working if your versing a weak opponent or someone who's not effective against you - especially psychic (immunity). But, this good be a great move if you ally has high defense, therefore you can use a powerful attack of a charging move to finish you opponent of the next round.
To me, give "follow me" to a higher defense Pokemon.
Your opinion may differ ; choose from this. Any decision is fine by me!

Hope I helped! :)

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Doesn't Follow Me use the move the opponent uses, just with a 1+ priority? That's how I understood it.
No. Follow me allows the user to become the target. Your thinking of a different move.
Oh damn, i meant Me First. Never mind,  I have all ready run calcs,  so yeah, sorry for that.
no prob.
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With mega absol, It can be well used. Mega absol has magic bounce, so if a common heal pulser like chansey tries to toxic a ally, absol uses follow me and the toxic goes back to chansey, which will screw her.