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like flying and normal is the most.

I say dragon and flying is the next. Dragonite, Rayquaza, Mega Rayquaza, Altaria, Noibat, Noivern, Salamence, and Mega Salamence. I see them way to often, especially Mega Rayquaza because I have one myself.
Never mind about that.

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1. Normal/ Flying (23)
2. Bug/Flying (14)
3. Poison Grass (14)
4. Poison/ Bug (12)
5.Rock/Water (9)
6. Rock/Ground (9)
7. Ground/Water (9)
8. Flying/Water (7)
9. Fire/Fighting (6)
10. Flying/Psychic (6)



  1. Staraptor/ Pidgeot

  2. Yanmega/ Masquerain/ Mega Pinsir

  3. Venausaur/ Roserade/ Amoongus

  4. Mega Beedril/ Scolipede

  5. Kabutops

  6. Rhyperior/ Larvitar (LC)

  7. Mega Swampert/ Gastrodon

  8. Gyarados/ Swanna

  9. Blaziken/ Infernape/ Emboar

  10. Xatu/ Lugia/ Sigilyph

The above Pokemon are used most in battle.
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_type_combinations_by_abundance#All_type_combinations_and_their_abundance

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I realised that the numbers are tied for a LOT of the combinations, but I put them in order anyway. If you'd like, I can edit it out later, or you could use the source to see for yourself :)
Thanks, I really thought dragon and flying would be here.
Also, can you add a list of  only final evolutions, or something you may use in battle. Thanks!
Sure.. Will work on that, now.
Not what I mean. I mean just be numbers of |final evolutions or eviolite users| of the the type combos, and which has the most in a top ten list, like you did before, just only the pokemon there^

(not including megas)