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My Pokemon are underleveled by 4 or 5 lvls, and the Battle Mansion's Pokemon are lvl. 25's. I also defeated the trainer's on the other route, too, so I don't see an option.

Edit: Pokemon are like lvl 55 or lvl 56

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Try Victory Road itself

Defeating Pokemon 4-5 levels higher than you can get you quite a bit of exp. To start off you should turn on the Exp. Share. (If you want to) Next start by capturing Pokemon you don't have, this will help you fill up your Dex and get more exp. If you have already done that, or don't want to capture those Pokemon, start battling. Use any Pokemon you want to battle with. Make sure that you have plenty of status curing items, potions, and similar stuff. Once you have gotten your Pokemon to a decent level switch to the next Pokemon and start training it. When you have gotten all your Pokemon to levels you think are good, start going through Victory Road. If you train for a while then go through Victory Road you will be able to get more exp. than just going straight through Victory Road without training. If you think Victory Road is too strong, go a couple of routes back and train there.

Hope I helped!

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You get the exp. share right after the 1st gym.
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Why are you under-levelled? I'm always like 10 levels above my foes' Pokemon and with only 2 traded Pokes.
probably running from battles, avoiding trainers, ect