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This question is being asked shortly after this one https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/289641/how-does-seismic-toss-work-in-gen-1?show=289642#a289642. So I accidentally caught myself in a soft-lock when fighting Koga when I found out my team is too underleveled for Koga. I tried grinding but the process is way too slow. What is the fastest way to grind in gen 1? Discluding the Exp. All of course.

Okay, the team is

Rhyhorn lvl 27
Charizard lvl 36
Raichu lvl 30
Sandslash lvl 31
Chansey lvl 28
Just grind on the highest level wild Pokemon that can be one-shot by one of your Pokemon.
YOU GOT A CHANSEY?! Lucky... (-.-')
"Chansey" is just a weird spelling of "chance", after all.
Sorry for the late reply but, yeah. I got a Chansey. It was REALLY frustrating though.

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At this point in the game, Espeon, the only ways to grind for EXP at the point you're in that I can think of is:

  1. Battling any trainers you may have missed or more likely skipped.
  2. Plain old grinding on wild Pokemon that appear near Fuschia, as those are of the highest level that you can find at the moment until you beat Sabrina.

Another tip: Use Psychic, Ground, and even Fire, Rock, and Flying-types to get the best out of defeating Koga, as all of his Pokemon are of the Poison-type, including some Bugs.

Source: Experience and knowledge

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