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Pretty much the title:

Will breeding different leveled Pokemon yield different IVs, EVs, or increase the chance of getting a hidden ability?

I'm trying to breed a perfect Umbreon, and I'm following this guide on breeding perfect Eevee, and I was wondering if there's anything the guide is leaving out.

Detailed answers are appreciated.

I would like to note that unless your Pokémon is level 100, you'll need to pay for the daycare so level 100 would be a nice idea.
what Sapphire said is wrong, it takes 100 pokedollar to take to Pokemon out,for every level after that, it adds 100 pokedollar to the price.

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A Pokémon's individual values are also passed down. This is determined differently between generations.

Level does affect the Pokemon's IVs when breeding, but it doesn't affect anything else. Also note when breeding with a Ditto, the Ditto's IVs will be passed down.

I misunderstood something, IVs are not affected by level, so no, the guide is not missing anything.

Hope I helped!

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Levels ?
I'm pretty sure levels have nothing to do with IVs 0-0
Level doesnt affect IVs iirc
That shows how the stat is calculated, but an IV is determined from when the Pokémon was generated and doesnt changed unless hacks