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I'm guessing Alakazam or Metagross.

Just curious. XD

The one that has eaten all our Gummis in EOS.

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>Metagross has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer.

Pokedex Entry


>Alakazam's brain continually grows, infinitely multiplying brain cells. This amazing brain gives this Pokémon an astoundingly high IQ of 5,000. It has a thorough memory of everything that has occurred in the world.

Once again, Pokedex Entry.

Now, the question is:

Which one has higher IQ? Which one is cleverer? Which one is smarter?

To answer this, we need to know what IQ means in terms of a supercomputer. How much IQ does a supercomputer have?

enter image description here

According to this website,

>One of the world's smartest computers took an intelligence test and scored as well as a four-year-old human being.


>The computer basically can name the dots, but can't connect them.

From here on, it seems simpler. Basically, Metagross can solve equations, but not necessarily understand them, or know them. On the other hand, Alakazam has the ability to know and remember everything in the world. Implying that not only does it know the equation that Metagross solves within seconds, but also why, and the answer, kind of before hand. Also, the Dex entry talks of infinite brain-cell generating capabilities, that, in my opinion, out-trumps Metagross without a doubt.

Also, Metagross can only analyze, meaning it would probably fail the Turing test (keep in mind, however, it does use this in battles, so it is question of whether it is acting them out as simulations, or as actual strategies. If they are merely simulations, then it is not AI, but given that it acts based on the simulations, it may be AI). Now, Alakazam, as we know, has Intelligence of its own, and acts based on strategies it creates, as opposed to Metagross, instead of creating simulations, and discarding those that aren't beneficial.

tl;dr: Metagross solves stuff, Alakazam already knows the answer.

Alakazam Wins.

enter image description here

Had to upload this genius from RareCandyTreatment :3

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Alakazam: Solved a 5 x 5 rubik's cube in 78 seconds
All hail alakazam
You're awesome, Infinity.

But doesn't Uxie technically have the highest IQ? Seeing as it is the embodiment  of Knowledge.
I could actually disagree for good reasons here, but then we would end up with rocket science and "why einstein was wrong" arguments xD
Thanks a bunch Infinity(cool name).
How kind of you to say that, Astro! :3 (No seriously, you made my day!)

Well, about Uxie, it IS legendary Pokemon created SPECIFICALLY to represent Knowledge itself. If you think of it as an embodiment, or a rather, spirit, or entity, designed to keep things in check, as opposed to a Pokemon then indeed, Uxie can't be compared to either of the above Pokemon in terms of IQ.

And, Luke, no problem at all, man! I had fun thinking about the answer to this, and digging up stuff that I hadn't known previously either! It was a great question, one that forced me to think about super-computers and other stuff that Alan Turing was good at. As for the name, glad that you like it. It is, to be honest, a kind of a play on my actual name (or rather, its translation). + It sounds cool af. :3
That comic is still as fun :)
if it can recall everything since it was born, why can't it recall the move role play if it learned it before?
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I would go for Metagross because (Not only I like it) It has FOUR brains. Take that Alakazam. Alakazam's brain only grows but it doesn't have 4.
So say 1000 IQ for each brain he would only be 4000 IQ.

But then Alakazam had has 5000 so it could be him.

So I rekon overall... Alakazam wins

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I know it is confusing so just read the BOLD writing.
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As far as I know, Alakazam is the only Pokemon that has had their IQ stated. Alakazam's IQ is also probably the highest because it's IQ is said to be around/over 5,000. We also know Metagross is very smart because it's Pokedex entries say that it's four brains are able to calculate difficult problems faster than a supercomputer. It doesn't tell Metagross's exact IQ but it tells that it is very smart.
Pokemon that also (probably) have a high IQ (Maybe the highest)
Lapras: Some of Lapras's Pokedex entries state that it is highly intelligent and it can understand human speech.
>Its high intelligence enables it to understand human speech. It likes to ferry people on its back.

Uxie: Uxie is the being of knowledge, it is most likely very smart.
Arceus: Arceus is the god of Pokemon, God knows everything.
Mew: The ancestor of all Pokemon must be very smart.
Beldum & Metang: The pre-evolutions of Metagross, Metagross is smart so Metang & Beldum are most likely smart.
Abra & Kadabra: Same thing with Beldum & Metang, they are the pre evolutions of Alakazam
Slowking: Look at dex entries. (Thanks Astro!!)

Hope I helped!
and knowledge.

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Isn't Slowking hyperintelligent as well?
I knew I was onto something with slowbro!!!
Ancestor of all pokemon must be smart? Say that to microbes
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Metagross Ruby entry: METAGROSS has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This POKéMON can float in the air by tucking in its four legs

>Alakazam Red and Blue entry: Its brain can outperform a supercomputer. Its intelligence quotient is said to be 5,000.

Ok so both outperform a Super computer. Intelligent, huh? The highest IQ in the world is 154. So 5000 is a lot. If each Metang's iq was 500, it couldn't beat Alakazam.

So there, Alakazam, way to go.

But there is no proof for alakazam to have the highest IQ as it is the only Pokemon to have their IQ stated.
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Actually unlike everyone else I have to disagree completely with everone.

Either Uxie or Arceus.

Arceus because its the god of Pokemon and so knows everything and is 'all knowing'

Uxie is the Pokemon of wisdom and so technically theoretically has the highest IQ.

I said that they might
Seems probable.
but they can still only know 4 moves and can't use potions by themselves...
Thats only in the game so it would be fair. If they could do that, everyone would be using them! Maybe they could, but perhaps they have battling laws for that or something. The games are just pieces of coding.
What sapphire said, all Pokemon can learn only 4 moves, if any Pokemon could learn more than 4 moves would give it an unfair advantage (beside maybe magikarp where it would do absolutely NOTHING)
The Christian God is all knowing but Pokemon theology seems to be a bit different. It probably more closely models eastern religions where gods are more limited to roles or represent a universal energy or something like that. In Pokemon theology arceus may be God and still not all knowing. Uxie still stands out though. But wisdom and intelligence can be argued as not the same.
To quote Dexter Jettster her, "You'd think you Jedi Knights would know the difference between knowledge and… wisdom. Heh heh heh."