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Take for example the "Purple Eye" type, (I've alawys referred to it as Poison, Psychic, and Ghost. (PPG))
Is PPG it's own type that isn't in the games, or are they either one or the other?

so, to shorten this, does the TCG have it's own exclusive typess, or does one type represent multiple types?

Other types that are different types in the games:
Leaf Type: Grass and Bug
Star Type: Normal and Flying (And to my understanding, Dragon in the older TCG.)
Water Drop Type: Water and Ice
Fist Type: Fighting, Ground, and Rock

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Yes, there are unique types in the TCG that encompass one or more of the video game types.

Leaf Energy = Grass, Bug, early Poison
Lightning Energy = Electric
Psychic Energy = Psychic, Poison, Ghost
Fire Energy = Fire
Water Energy = Water, Ice
Fighting Energy = Fighting, Rock, Ground
Darkness Energy = Dark
Metal Energy = Steel
Colorless Energy = Normal, Flying, early Dragon
Dragon Energy† = Dragon
Fairy Energy = Fairy

There is no specific Dragon Energy card. Dragon-type Pokémon use two types of Energy to attack.

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Made a quick edit to say that Poison fell under "Leaf Energy" early on. I believe it was the DPP era which first changed this.
Ah, okay. That explains why all my old Arboks are Leaf. I started when HGSS was relased. I only ever got half of that Lugia :(
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It's a little bit of both.
The TGC has its own types, but those types represent many types, if that makes any sense.
The types are:
Grass (In game Grass, Poison, and Bug)
Fire (In game Fire)
Water (In game Water and Ice)
Lightning (In game Electric)
Fighting (In game Fighting, Rock, and Ground)
Psychic (In game Psychic, Ghost, and Poison)
Colorless (In game Normal, Flying, and Dragon)
Darkness (In game Dark)
Metal (In game Steel)
Dragon (In game Dragon)
Fairy (In game Fairy)
If I've been too complicated, this is the bulbapedia site that I got the types from:
(It adds a bit more info too)