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What is the amount of hearts you get for each turn you go on?

Which generation? 3 or 4?
Read the ORAS tag
The appeal of Tri Attack is 1 ♥ in a Pokemon contest spectacular.

It varies by turn.
well serebii didnt say, NO SITE says it, and i dont have any pokemon with tri attack in αs

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Tri Attack varies in affections by the type of contest you're doing.

Regular Contest
In a regular contest, Tri-attack deals a "2 heart" appeal with a "2 heart" jam in the round. This move is used to startle all Pokemon that have previously done their appeals.

Super Contests
In super contests, the appeal of Tri-attack increases to a "3 heart" appeal, but without any extra effects. It's just a simple move known by a Pokemon to use.

Contest Spectaculars
In this use, Tri-Attack only appeals with "1 heart" with no jam appeals. But, the secondary effect in battle varies on when it's used.

P.S. - the first 2 contests work best on the "Beauty" contest, whereas the contest spectacular works best on the "Beautiful" contest

Source - Tri-Attack

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I guess I didnt state my question clearly enough. I wanted to ask for what determines the secondary effect for contest spectaculars, and what they are. Thank you for your answer, though, +1
Since the contest spectaculars are pretty much the coolest looking and appealing move, the move would change. But, in this case, the reason it's questioned about it's effectiveness on when it was used is because of his secondary effects. It only works if you're after a pokemon whose made their appealing move. If you start off with it, nothing happens, whereas if your like finishing it off, it will include its effects.

Basically, not much from it's original appeal.  Hope this makes somewhat sense!
Thanks, I guess I'll try to find the effects by experimenting myself.