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Just curious, thinking along the lines of Unown, Tynamo or Ditto.

Skitty is pretty difficult to use in the toughness category

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Probably Unown or Ditto. Their only move is a three-appeal Clever move. At least it can be used indefinitely. Tynamo and Magikarp actually wouldn't be all that bad surprisingly.

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In my opinion Exeggutor heres why and the Summary:-

  1. Explanation of weakest Pokemon to use and possible hacked Pokemon
  2. List of finishing contest, rewards

I'm trying to give a legit answer to this with experience and believe me ive tried I don't have videos to show you but I will paste a particular page from my opinion about a Pokemon that has very ltd moves to conquer all 5 master ribbons but is possible. however itd take quite a few failures to conquer all 5x.

1:- Exxegutor

This guy can earn all five master ribbons aswell as still be sufficient in a speedy fire team.

Obviously simple Pokemon like magikarp basically learn moves such as splash and in my opinion wouldn't really count aswell as ditto and smeargle,

I said smeargle because its a Pokemon that if done legitally can only learn tm or tutor moves, oh aswell as sketch +_+ this isn't useful at all. Smeargles true potential is to hack its movebase set and yes itd be better than exxegutor but still hacked with ribbons.

Exxegutor in my opinion would be the least expected winner of gaining all 5 master ribbons


If you manage to win a Master Rank Contest, then a special painting will be made for your Pokémon. One of these paintings will be on display for each contest type in each Pokémon Contest Hall. However, in the Lilycove City museum, the museum curator will open up a special wing which will store 3 images of each Contest type for posterity.

If you manage to fill each of the photos with your own Pokémon, then at the end of it, the curator will give you a special Glass Ornament for your Secret Base.
Lisia is the character who introduces you to Pokémon Contests, giving you the Contest Costume, as well as tips on the contests.

After Super Rank, you meet Lisia in the Green Room and meet her rival Chaz. These meets happen the first time you beat every rank. At Master Rank, Lisia expects you to continue so you may one day be on stage with her.

Complete four Master Ranks and Chaz is in the Green Room saying Lisia will face you after you win all Master Rank contests. He gives you a Paralyze Heal

Beat all the Master Rank Contests and Lisia will be waiting for you. She says she will take part next time you enter a contest and they won't lose to you.

Lisia's Altaria will almost always have top billing over your Pokémon initially. Her Altaria will also always have a moveset for that specific contest making it a formidable opponent no matter what.

Beat Lisia and she will mention needing to go on a journey to get
Gym Badges and fill her Pokédex to become as good as you and you
will receive the **Lucarionite** from Chaz. Chaz decides to follow
the same path as Lisia, and decides to work out with his Machoke and
Brawly. Lisia will give you a Star Light decoration for your Secret
Actually, I think Exeggcutor would actually work. In Toughness Contests, he could carry Seed Bomb, Stomp, Wood Hammer and Leaf Storm and could actually work pretty well. Probably, because I have yet to try it.