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For example, in a Coolness Contest, using a beauty move didn't make it say, "But the audience wasn't too pleased with <Pokémon>'s show of ..."

What about for other types?

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For each contest type, there is a move type that excites the crowd, there are two move types that are neutral, and two move types that lower the crowd's excitement.

Cleverness Contests:
Excites: Cleverness
Neutral: Cuteness, Toughness
Lowers: Beauty, Coolness

Cuteness Contests:
Excites: Cuteness
Neutral: Beauty, Cleverness
Lowers: Coolness, Toughness

Beauty Contests:
Excites: Beauty
Neutral: Coolness, Cuteness
Lowers: Cleverness, Toughness

Excites: Toughness
Neutral: Cleverness, Coolness
Lowers: Beauty, Cuteness

Coolness Contests:
Excites: Coolness
Neutral: Beauty, Toughness
Lowers: Cuteness, Cleverness

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