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Several websites say that the way to get a Pokemon with its hidden ability is to find it using dexnav. As you find them more times in a row, the chance that they have a hidden ability also rises. If it has the hidden ability, an exclamation mark appears next to the ability.

But how to you get starters with hidden abilities? eg :snivy with contrary, froakie with protean, chespin with bulletproof...

Since you can't catch any of them in the wild, how do you get them???

You can catch the Kalos and Kanto starters with their Hidden Abilities in X/Y and OR/AS in the Friend Safari. The other starters with their Hidden Abilities are event-exclusive, and the Gen VII starters' Hidden Abilities aren't available at all at the moment.
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The Kalos and Kanto starters can be found in Friend Safaris with their HAs in XY.

The Unova starters are being given out over wifi with their HAs between January 22nd 2015 - November 30th 2015 (Serperior), January 29th 2015 - November 30th 2015 (Emboar), and February 5th 2015 - November 30th 2015 (Samurott).

The Johto starters are being given out out if you used Pokebank between February 27th 2015 - November 30th 2015.

The Sinnoh starters were given out with their hidden abilities in 2010-2011.

For the Hoenn starters, Torchis was given out with its HA at the release of XY, while Mudkip and Torchic were distributed with their respective HAs in 2010-211 the same way as the Sinnoh starters.

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