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If there are multiple Pokemon tied, please list them all. I don't really need to know the number of TMs that they can learn, because I can easily look them up on this amazing database.


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First place:

Following Pokemon learn just one TM:

  • Unown
  • Spewpa

Second Place:

Following Pokemon learn only two TMs:

  • Tynamo
  • Burmy

Hope I helped!

If I find any more I will edit them in

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I may add on if I find any more.
There you go :3
Oi it says "Pokemon that can learn TMs that learn the least" ;-;!
I could name a bucket full of pokemon that learn none, you didn't even include Magikarp in there lol
magikarp can't learn any tms

.-. nvm i said that without reading comments
What's the least for Pokemon who don't learn their tm moves by level up?