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I've already completed my Pokemon X game and I was breeding a Ditto from a different country and a Male Lucario and I got a egg in a great ball that had pokerus. I knew that this could happen but then the egg took me by suprise. It took twice as long to hatch and when it did it was a dratini. What is up with this egg? Is it a glitch?

Ummmmm, this is impossible, I highly doubt that the newer games would have a glitch this bad.
It could've been an egg that didn't come from lucario and ditto?
Were you breeding Dratini immediately before this? Sometimes you forget to hatch / box unhatched eggs, which stay in your party and hatch later. It's happened to me.
The great ball and Pokerus is possible, but the fact that it's a Dratini is very strange.
Nah. You must have confused your eggs. A Lucario giving rise to Dratinis is either something you've played out wrong (most likely) or it's something wrong with your game file (most unlikely, but if so then it's all mayday for you).
MeGa_SePtile2, Grime Time,  and Qwerty_Zoom 44 to your answers it is no. This is the first breeding I've done and it was in the first five eggs I got. I also don't own a dratini or its evolutions. So it could not be that I got a egg mixed up. I've played through almost all of the games and I know that having the egg in a great ball and it having pokerus is uncommon but not impossible but a Pokemon hatching that is not its mother or its father isint normal. Could it be possible that there is something wrong with my game file?

Oh and I'm a girl.

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It doesn't sound anything like a glitch. In all honesty this doesn't sound real or possible. Quite impossible truthfully so no its no glitch. It is true eggs can have pokerus but unless you were breeding dratini or any of its evolutions it will not be a dratini.

It's True. I don't even have a Dratini. And I was breeding a Lucario and a Ditto. I was skating up and down the route waiting for the daycare man to turn around and give me an egg and that's what he gave me. I don't have a Dratini or its evolutions and the Iucario and the ditto were the first breeding I've done. And I  know that an egg can hatch with pokerus. It sounds like a glitch to me.
Are you sure the egg wasn't traded to you?
Positive. I haven't used the trade system at all.