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Panpour. An elusive simean creature rarely seen by human eyes. They live deep in the jungle, are highly intelligent and fond of marmalade. There are many peculiar things about them, but one thing stands out the most: of the few times Panpour have been documented, they always appear to have their eyes closed! Has anyone ever recorded videographic or photographic proof of a wide-eyed Panpour?

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Okay kids let's play Spot-the-Easter-Egg!

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This is due to Panpour's origin.
He is, as his two brothers, inspired by the three wise monkeys: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

enter image description here

Thus no, I don't think you'll ever find an official design of it with open eyes.

Here's a link with info!

Hope this helps!

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I thought it had eyes, just not pupils
Wait...how is Pansage speak no evil? Panpour is see no evil, he can't see, Pansear's holding his ear but Pansage isn't covering his damn mouth!
Because it has it's hands out with it's mouth open which I assume is some kind of sign language (I dunno)