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Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't locate it.

Anyway, does the Attacking Pokemon lose 50% of its HP or does it lose 2 Attack stages?

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Wouldn't it lose both, given the knowledge of both moves? It's a direct hit, plus isn't it that if the opposing Pokemon uses Protect, then it also loses HP?
I'm going to test on Showdown later, however school is starting in a bit and I only have 1 tablet :P
I am fairly sure both will happen though

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King's Shield only lowers attack of attackers making contact. Where she went wrong was that Aegislash is naturally immune to high jump kick, so it did not make contact. AegiDash was correct. It loses both HP and attack.

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I guess I just don't think the same way as other people.
Hey, thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I'm unable to see the replay...

If it's okay, can you please change the link/ re-upload it?

So sorry, but I can't see it play. (Anyone else having this problem?)
Oh ok it was switched
Thanks a lot! To be honest, I never thought to use Smeargle to check it out!
Yeah, Smeargle is great for testing just about anything except ghost attacks.
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It only loses the HP.

Source: Dis Showdown Test

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your test was flawed.
Not totally flawed because probability states that more often than not you will see King's Shield on Aegislash. In your example you used Smeargle. While your replay is correct, it's not exactly wrong of Double R DJ to assume the OP was talking about Aegislash. So both answers are correct.
Hi, thanks for answering. Unfortunately, I can't get the link to start 'playing'. Can you please re-upload it? Also, I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem, or if it was a mistake from my side, so can y'all report back please?