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There are quite a lot of fan's theories out there, like the Pokemon War, Blue's Raticate and the Lavander town's melody to name a few.

The problem with most of them is a lack of sources at best, or in the worst cases, they are just middle school level creepy pastas.

What I want to bring to your attention today though, is a research I've been working on for a couple of days.

Let me ask you this first, because by the time you'll be done reading this, your answer may need to be changed.

• What are we trapping inside those pokèballs?
• What defines our predominance over these creatures?

The reason why I bring you this seemingly obvious question is because, most of the time, the Pokémon we catch are based upon animals in our world.

After all, Growlithe is as close as you can get to a fire breathing puppy and Miltank is a big bipedal pink cow.

So what of those that don't have a real life counterpart?

For example, Slowking who is stated to have
> intelligence comparable to that of award-winning scientists

> A Pokémon formed by 108 spirits

or even better, Arceus, a Pokémon that
> emerged from an egg and shaped all there is in this world, before the universe even existed.

All these entries were taken from the Pokédex, which is our "first in the line" source of info about our friends, so it can't get more official than this.

So I think we can safely assume that, at times, we deal with beings that are equal to us or, at other times, above us.

But what I want you to focus on is not so much our equals or some old mythological God, but instead on the ones that we put inside these balls that are like us.

As in human.

Honestly, I should have said "*were like us*", but thru my research I've found that the connections between Pokémon and Humans aren't as far fetched as most seem to believe.

And I'm not referring to a slow evolution thru billions of years, I'm talking about metamorphosis or, in some cases, a complete transformation from Human to Pokémon.

What I'm about to say can be sourced back in the Canalave's Library via the books you can find on the second floor.

On these books there are documents that describe how, in the past,
> there used to be Pokémons living in the forests that shed their hide to sleep as humans

and in a different book the connection between Pokémon and humans intensifies when it is revealed to us that
> there once were Pokémon that became very close to humans,
> it was a time when there existed no differences to distinguish the two.

Although, that last bit has a different, deeper, meaning in the original Japanese game.
It says as follows:
> There once were Pokémon that married people.
> This was a normal thing because, long ago, people and Pokémon were the same.

enter image description here

Kinda brings a different meaning to the phrase "I choose you!", don't you believe?

Nevertheless, I couldn't retain myself to what may or may not be old folklore to stabilize a connection between Pokémon and Humans, so I bring you definitive proofs from THE MOST reliable source we could ask for:

The Pokédex.

Take a look at these entries:


It happened one morning - a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed
transformed into KADABRA.

> Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human.
> Each retains memories of its former life.


These Pokémon are created when
spirits of children who died while lost in the forest possess rotten tree stumps.

So now, reader, now that I've proven that not only there is the lore that points to Humans been the same as Pokémon at one point in history, but that there is a clear connection even in the Dex's entries between Pokémon and Humans,
let me ask you again:

• Are we sure that those are Pokémon we are trapping inside those pokèballs?
• Why should we feel predominant over our own kin?


• Are there any more connection I might have missed out about humans and Pokémons?

Let me know what you guys think, and have a good night!





Canalave Library




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Also... Yes those stories and entries are in the game, but can you really call them facts? They're mostly aesthetic, nobody really looks at them. They're focused on catching em all. As such, while they do bring insight to this matter, I really doubt as much thought was put into writing the pokedex entry for yamask as there was creating the next generation of starter pokemon.
Is this a question, or *another* rant of why pokemon is unethical?

PS. I do have to give credit for the amount of work that was put into this post though.  Good job.
PPS. That still doesn't mean it belongs here.
@some random guy
Alakazam and hitmonchan can breed, sooo.
@KRLW890 It is a rant, but in my defense, you can't put up such a controversial subject without some objection. Also, I enjoy debating. I saw this as an oppurtunity, and I seized it.
Another thing, you see them eating meat. Where that meat comes from if not pokemon ? And if you said is true then ok.

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Well this question is certainly, interesting. I'm going to do my best to try and shed some light on it regardless of whether this follows db rules or not. so, lets begin.

Picture it like this. I'm sure you know that we evolved from primates millions of years ago, becoming the Homo sapiens we are today. now picture a chimpanzee, an animal which we evolved from. It is a well documented fact that chimpanzees are very intelligent creatures, able to use iPads, understand magic tricks and understand english, as well as a large variety of other things, their intelligence could possibly match that of a human. But if this is so, then why do we keep these amazing creatures in zoos? I believe there is a somewhat simple answer, which may answer your question. It could be because they have no rational human attributes. Chimpanzees will somewhat go wild at any foreseeable time, and will act like beasts due to little to no social training look at the attack of Charla Nash, attacked by Travis the chimpanzee, it went wild for seemingly no reason attacking Charla. Now look over at Kadabra or Yamask, those things may have been human at one point, but all traces of it are long gone. Waiting in grass and jumping kids trying to beat up their pets is not rational human behaviour. They are beasts and creatures now, not human. Chimpanzees may think like us, but they will never be us. They will always have a factor of animal instinct making them unpredictable at best, and straight up dangerous at worst.

I hope this helps you in your future endeavors

tl;dr: if they were ever human they aren't anymore because of losing all rational human thinking over time and becoming a beast.

Yeah… stalking children in tall grass and beating up their pets is totally not normal…

//edges away totally not supiciously
Humans are dangerous. We're a lot worse then Chimpanzees to be honest