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It can't be in Trainer Hill, the Battle Frontier, or a battle tent, but I don't care how many times I have to rematch him/her. Please don't question my curiostiy.

By the time someone finds this out, you could catch a Gulpin and raise it to Lv. 26 by Day-Care grinding.
I'm grounded. That means that I can't day-care grind for a while and I can't use the move bounce.
Yeah, I've searched through basically all of Serebii's Pokearth pages for Hoenn. I don't think any trainer has a valid Swalot which is strange considering its Swalot.
The real question is, is sumwun still grounded? Can he rise a Swalot of his of his own? Does he care more for the Swalots of this world than the callous trainers of Hoenn?
Haha astronautical, just what I was thinking
I'm still grounded; I'm not a "he"; I'm an "it"; no; I didn't understand this question.
bulbapedia says there's no swalot either
can someone hide this question? the answer is in the comments :L  when i said fizz hid some of my questions for stupid reasons this was one of them. the answer in the comments. :L
I might consider doing that, but I'll wait for a moderator to say something.
Not a moderator but it doesn't matter either way. It might get hidden purely to take it off the unanswered list. Up to you.

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The discussion in the comments, and the research of many individuals, concludes that there are no trainers in Emerald that use a Swalot. If you're not satisfied I can convert this answer, but that's the conclusion that has been reached.

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Good enough.