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I mean, in most games that I play, the evil boss puts his plan in motion and you are called to defeat him to save the world before you can battle the last gym. Is there a specific reason?

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Besides that's just how the game writers wanted it to be, no, no real reason.
It makes everything a whole lot harder for whoever writes Pokemon Adventures.
how so?
Because they usually have to change the story a lot to make that happen after all the gyms are defeated.
Oh well im sure they dont mind, they get to see their art come to life and thats a big plus for almost any artist if not all
Since the last gym is stronger than the evil boss it was like that.

 And besides the elite 4 and champion are stronger than the evil boss. You can also say the evil boss is a gym leader since their usually stronger than the first 7 but weaker than the 8th one.
Or you could say gamefreak logic. Though I have to admit I've also been wondering about that.
Why would to level of the evil dude's Pokemon matter? All they would have to do is change it.
Well it does set a rather dynamic plot. Remember that after beating all 8 gym leaders, your entire focus would be on the league. They don't want the bad guys to fade into the background, but at the same time want to give you a sufficient interval before facing them.

By the way, I have a feeling that in Black and White the final battle with N was actually stark in the middle of the league.
maybe because giovannie the leader of team rocket was in kanto the eight gym leader.
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The only reason possible is because Gamefreak likes it that way. There are exceptions, though. RBY and BW. In gen one, you beat the gyms and team leader at the same time. In BW, you beat the big bad after beating the gyms. He literally parks his castle on your champion battle.

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I guess that's the best I can get for now.