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moves are:
dragon claw
steel wing
heat wave/fire punch

ev's 252 attack 252 speed 4 sp.attack

which one shall I choose? heat wave or fire punch?
or of course another psychical fire type moves

it is for competitive battling


1 Answer

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Probably Fire Punch, because you're focusing on physical moves with 252 in Attack, plus it's Megazard X, and it's physical. Also Flare Blitz is a good idea too, because of its awesome power. You can swap out Steel Wing for Roost also to heal the recoil damage, and you don't have to worry about the extra Ground type weakness Roost adds because you don't have the Flying type.

But Charizard is already weak to Ground D:

(I know that you were saying that it adds no weakness, but whatever :D)
steel wing can be good for ground types but i want to use it against fairy types. with garchomp chesnaught zugarde yveltal scrafty am i not a real fan of fairy types
Usually fire punch does the same damage to ground and fairy as steel wing would. I actually suggest Flare Blitz > Fire Punch, since then with Roost you can recoil of damage or use Dragon Dance to boost up.
Oops thanks.