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In ORAS battle resort theres an old man who says a bunch of crazy stuff. What did he say, and is there something like a side quest?

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Maybe you should say where you found him, otherwise no-one will know who you mean.
unless you mean looker? Well if you do then the answer is no there are no side quest but he does give you an audinoite. Although I doubt that you mean looker.
Is there by any chance a blue peice of text the text that he says?
Is he talking in  Japanese?

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Are you talking about this guy?
If so, he is speaking in Japanese. This is the translation of what he's saying:
>"I can tell by the look of you you're no ordinary trainer. I'd recommend training up some more, and challenging the Pokemon World Championship."

It's not a side-quest, it's basically a promotion for Pokémon VGC tournaments.